Fake Your Number

They'll never know it was you!

Choose a fake number to show up on your friend's phone. Their Caller ID will show whatever you want it to! They'll have no idea who's really calling.

Change Your Voice

From a man to a woman, or vice versa!

With the click of a button you can completely change the way your voice sounds. Nobody will have any idea who you really are.

Mobile App

Fake your number anywhere, anytime!

Download our app on the Google Play store to fake your number on the go.

Record Your Calls

Catch them red-handed!

Do you have a deadbeat friend that owes you money? What about a cheating spouse? Record your calls to secure the proof you need! (Laws vary by jurisdiction).

Straight to Voicemail

Send the call directly to their voicemail without ringing!

Avoiding your boss? Need to leave a message without getting stuck on the phone for an hour? With our Send to Voicemail feature, they'll never even see that they missed a call!


Still in doubt? Why don't you see what some of our
satisfied customers have to say. We promise you'll love it!

  • I've had my android phone for almost 2 yrs I've been buying apps. This is the first time I've talked to a real person when I called customer service ever! First time ever that there's actually a real person that helped me with the issues about the app. (Thanks Shane!) I highly recommend this app. Best customer service ever ... EVER!!! THANK YOU.

    Joanna Magpayo
  • Trace Bust makes Caller ID spoofing easy; I couldn't believe how much fun I had messing with my friends!

    Ryan Goldstein
  • This is the best app I have found better then phone gangster and caller id faker better features I really recommend this app ya their was a few bugs but just tell the developer and they will do their best and try to fix the problem just like they helped me give them a chance. 10 stars for me!

    Valued Customer

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